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im supposed to die tonight. [entries|friends|calendar]

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2 punchdrunklove.

[22 Jan 2006|12:10pm]
want to know how to make that boring night fun, how to have a good time at walmart, and how to make ghetto smores? im here to help. click the lj-cut to find out. each step is accompanied by pictures. enjoy, sluts.

HOW TO'SCollapse )

8 punchdrunklove.

[30 Aug 2005|01:47pm]
i have moved to greatest journal because it is EXACTLY like livejournal, except one hundred million times better and not so mainstream. i will only use this journal for several communities that im in. other than that, consider getting a GJ and if you are, or already have one, add me..here.

46 punchdrunklove.

[14 Jul 2005|06:51pm]
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